Imitation of Life

I don't like
to mention it again, but
you must understand that...

this arrangement
can only be for tonight.

Oh, I understand,
Miss Lora.

There must be plenty of jobs
for a woman like you.

But people won't take in
a woman with a child.

And no matter what, I won't
be separated from my baby.

Hurry up, Mother.
I want to show Sarah Jane
my dolls!

Well, all right.
There's a little place
off the kitchen.

But you could, uh,
hardly call it a room.

Oh, it'll do
for Sarah Jane and me.

And the kitchen,
we can make use of that too.

I'll get you some
pillows and blankets.
Thank you.

Here, Sarah Jane,
you can have Nancy.

It's a present.
Mommy just got it for me.
I want that one.

Frieda's my friend.
I've had her all my life.


She took my doll!

Sarah Jane.
Where are your manners?
Now give it back.

I don't want the black one.
I'll take those.

It's been a long day
and they're both tired
and cranky.

Yes, Miss Lora.
Everything will be all right.

Come on, come on.
Come on.
I don't wanna
live in the back.

Why do we always have
to live in the back?
Shh, honey.