Imitation of Life

I'd do it.
What's this got
to do with acting?

But I'll show you how to
realize your ambitions,
if you do as I say.

If the dramatists' club wants
to eat and sleep with you,
you eat and sleep with them.

If some producer with a hand
as cold as a toad wants to do
a painting of you in the nude,

you'll accommodate him
for a very small part.

It's disgusting!
It pays off.

You're disgusting.
Maybe I am.

But let me assure you,
once you get it made,

you can be idealistic
all of ten seconds
before you die.

You're trying to cheapen me.
But you won't. Not me.

Oh, I'll make it, Mr. Loomis,
but it'll be my way.

You have a wonderful
handwriting, Annie.

Oh, thank you, Mr. Steve.
But my spellin'
won't take no prizes.

I don't think Lora
has anything to worry about
as long as you're with her.

Oh, we'll get by.
I made an agreement
with the landlord.

He's really
a nice person.

Just for doin'
the staircases twice a week,
we get $10 off our rent.

Is that a fact?
I answered an ad
and got a job while
the kids are at school.

Doing what?
Doing shirts
for a gentleman.

He's real persnickety
about his shirts.

Oh, Steve.

I'm sorry. It's just
that I got so involved.

We're having
a wonderful time.
How'd everything go?

Oh, just fine. I went
to the 21 with Mr. Loomis.

Everybody there
was somebody exciting.

For the first time,
I felt that I was somebody too.

Is Mr. Loomis gonna
find you a job?

Well, he, uh,
he wanted to represent me,