Imitation of Life

Just for doin'
the staircases twice a week,
we get $10 off our rent.

Is that a fact?
I answered an ad
and got a job while
the kids are at school.

Doing what?
Doing shirts
for a gentleman.

He's real persnickety
about his shirts.

Oh, Steve.

I'm sorry. It's just
that I got so involved.

We're having
a wonderful time.
How'd everything go?

Oh, just fine. I went
to the 21 with Mr. Loomis.

Everybody there
was somebody exciting.

For the first time,
I felt that I was somebody too.

Is Mr. Loomis gonna
find you a job?

Well, he, uh,
he wanted to represent me,

But l...
Oh, Annie.

What's wrong, Miss Lora?
Everything. Everything.
Now, you just rest.
Everything will work out.

I'll go get you
a glass of hot milk, huh?

Can I help in any way?

No one can.
No one.
I'm so ashamed.
It was horrible.
He tried to make me
feel so cheap.

You could never
be cheap.

You don't know
what I mean.
Yes, I do.

It happens all the time.
Not just in the theater.

I love the theater.
It's what I want.