Imitation of Life

But l...
Oh, Annie.

What's wrong, Miss Lora?
Everything. Everything.
Now, you just rest.
Everything will work out.

I'll go get you
a glass of hot milk, huh?

Can I help in any way?

No one can.
No one.
I'm so ashamed.
It was horrible.
He tried to make me
feel so cheap.

You could never
be cheap.

You don't know
what I mean.
Yes, I do.

It happens all the time.
Not just in the theater.

I love the theater.
It's what I want.

Then hold onto your dreams.
Forget tonight.

But they seem so stale
after tonight.

So stale I can't believe
in them anymore.

M- Maybe I'm a fool.
Maybe I should see things
as they really are...

and not as
I want them to be.

If I know you,
they'll have to be
the way you want them.

Thanks, Steve.
You're so, so good
for what ails me.

It's all part of
the Archer service...
day or night.

I'll call you soon,

Yes, please, tomorrow.