Imitation of Life

Annie, what's happened
to Susie's wrist?

Oh, nothin' serious.
Just a little experiment.

Sarah Jane's fault.

After class, one of the kids
said that Negro blood
was different.

So later this evenin',
Sarah Jane wanted to compare
her blood with Susie's.

Well, I spanked her good.
Oh, well, you know
how children are.

They were only playing.
I hope so, Miss Lora.
I hope so.

Santa Claus has many names
in many different countries.

In Holland, he is
called Sinter Klaas.

In France,
Saint Nicolas.

In Sweden, he is
known as Jul Tomte.

In Germany, he is...
Oh, can I do something
for you?

Sorry to trouble you,
but I brought these
for my little girl.

I'm afraid you've
made a mistake.

I don't have any little
colored girl in my class.

But they said 3-B.
This is 3-B, isn't...

Why, there's Sarah Jane.
There's my baby.
You mean Sarah Jane

Yes, ma'am.
I'm Mrs. Johnson.

Sarah Jane, baby,
I brought you your...

Sarah Jane!
We didn't know.

Sarah Jane?

Sarah Jane?
Baby? Wait.