Imitation of Life

It's even worse to pretend,
to lie.
Sarah Jane has to learn
that the Lord must
have had his reasons...

for making some
of us white...

and some of us black.
Sarah Jane Doesn't
want me with her.

She says I'm not her friend.
She says nobody's
her friend.

Darling, she's upset right now.
But she'll be better soon.

So will you if you get
back in bed. Come on.

Don't worry, Annie.
I'm sure you'll be able
to explain things to her.

I don't know.
How do you explain to your child
she was born to be hurt?

Hi. Sorry I'm late.

That's all right.
I'm ready. I thought
you'd never get here.

Why, Steve, you sold it!
More than that, they gave me
a job, a steady one
on the advertising staff.

Oh, that's wonderful.
But, darling, is it really
what you want?

Well, it's not
The Museum of Modern Art.

But they pay you
in the nicest-looking
green folding money.

Which reminds me,
this is the season
for spending it.

Let's go.
We have to get a tree,
and I have a list of gifts
for the kids and Annie.

And I hope you like
what I picked out for you.

Oh, Steve, you...
You have to have something
to put under a tree, don't you?

Well, I know, but...
This way, ma'am.

Oh, I feel awful.
I haven't been able to buy
you anything really nice.

It's been five months
without a job...

Then I guess you'll
have to marry me.

It's the least you can do
for me for Christmas.

I love you.
But, darling, you're...