Imitation of Life

Why, Steve, you sold it!
More than that, they gave me
a job, a steady one
on the advertising staff.

Oh, that's wonderful.
But, darling, is it really
what you want?

Well, it's not
The Museum of Modern Art.

But they pay you
in the nicest-looking
green folding money.

Which reminds me,
this is the season
for spending it.

Let's go.
We have to get a tree,
and I have a list of gifts
for the kids and Annie.

And I hope you like
what I picked out for you.

Oh, Steve, you...
You have to have something
to put under a tree, don't you?

Well, I know, but...
This way, ma'am.

Oh, I feel awful.
I haven't been able to buy
you anything really nice.

It's been five months
without a job...

Then I guess you'll
have to marry me.

It's the least you can do
for me for Christmas.

I love you.
But, darling, you're...
You're just
getting started and...

It would be foolish.
At least we'd
be foolish together.

But marriage
is such a big step.

I want us to be together.
Well, we are,
most of the time.

Most of the time
you're out fighting
to get somewhere.

Breaking your heart,
trying to do for
yourself and Susie...

what I want to do for you,
what I finally
can do for you.

Pardon me. I'm sorry.
Pardon me.

Well, wait a minute.
I want to give you a home,
take care of you, love you.

Oh, Steve, you
don't know me at all.

I still love the theater.
You tried it
and it's only hurt you.

Realize that
and you'll get over it.

I want to be honest
with you, darling.

I want more.
Maybe too much.
Don't think I want any less.
So let's settle something
right now. Do you love me?