Imitation of Life

I'm not asking you
not to go down there,
I'm telling you.

What makes you think
you have that right?
Because I love you.

Isn't that enough?
No, Steve, I'm sorry.
Good night.

Lora, wait.
I didn't mean
to sound dictatorial or
to try to run your life,

but you have to understand
how I feel.
And what about
the way I feel?

Oh, stop acting.
I'm not acting.

I want to achieve something,
something you'll never

What you're after isn't real.
At least
I'm after something!

Not the snapshot of
a disgusting old man with
a beer can on his belly.

Is that your idea
of achieving something?
Is a beer can "real"?

Going up and down,
up and down.

Well, I'm going up and up
and up, and nobody's
going to pull me down!

Lora, listen, please.
I've been trying to do
something with my pictures.
It's meant everything to me.

Every minute,
for a long time now.
No, it hasn't.

Or you wouldn't
give it up to sell beer.

I gave it up for
something much better,
something right now: You.

But you're asking me
to give up something
I've wanted all my life,

ever since I was a child,
and I can't do it!

If you grew up,
you could.

What do you mean?
You're not
a child anymore,

and I might not be around
to pick up the pieces
this time.

I'd like it that way.

Joseph and Mary couldn't
find no place at the inn,

so they had to go to the
stable among the animals.

The animals?

And in the manger
Jesus was born.

And the heavenly hosts
sang, "Hallelujah. "

There was a shining bright
star in the sky,

and it was
a beautiful time.

That'll be
Mr. Steve again.