Imitation of Life

ever since I was a child,
and I can't do it!

If you grew up,
you could.

What do you mean?
You're not
a child anymore,

and I might not be around
to pick up the pieces
this time.

I'd like it that way.

Joseph and Mary couldn't
find no place at the inn,

so they had to go to the
stable among the animals.

The animals?

And in the manger
Jesus was born.

And the heavenly hosts
sang, "Hallelujah. "

There was a shining bright
star in the sky,

and it was
a beautiful time.

That'll be
Mr. Steve again.

Hello, Annie.

- Oh, hello, Mr. Steve.
- Has she come in yet?

I'm sorry.
I see.
Well, Merry Christmas,

Merry Christmas to you,
Mr. Steve.

Mommy, isn't Steve
coming here tonight?

I think you'd better
go to bed, both of you.

But Annie was
telling us a story.

Oh, all right,
Annie can finish it.
Where were we?

- Jesus was almost borned.
- That's right.

As soon as the holy infant
was born, three wise men saw
a beautiful star in the sky.

The star
of Bethlehem...
Was Jesus white or black?

It doesn't matter.
He's the way
you imagine him.

But Annie said
he was a real man.

He's not a pretend man.
He was real.
He is real.

Then what color was he?
He was like me...

Now, the closet door
is over here.

The clothes closet door
is over there.