It Happened to Jane

It's fun to be a real good scout
All right, boys. Come on.
Get your coats over here.
Here you go, come on.
Where's my little girl?
Oh, I forgot about you.

Oh, hello, Homer. Good to see you.
- Has your raccoon come home yet?
- No.

Matilda Runyon told me...
that Clara Kolter over at High River,
she heard her cat yowling the other night.

He always did like to frisk with cats.
But Clara told Matilda...
that when she went outside,
there was nothing but the cat.

Well, he'll come home, Homer.
He always does.

- How about some lobster?
- No.

- Lemonade, maybe?
- No, thanks.

- I already had my supper.
- Oh, you did?

I only got a minute, Janey.
I want to take Cynthia here
up on the cliffs. He might get a...

Well, what's new, Homer?
Honey, you'd better go to bed now.
Mummy'll be up in a minute.

Well, I'll tell you.
Well, what's the matter?
- It's Mr. Malone, Janey.
- What about him?

He wants rent.
- Rent?
- For what?

For the tracks where old 97 is sitting.
Well, it's his tracks, all right.
Yeah, he says he wants a $1 a foot,
starting today.

That'll be $230 by tomorrow.
I'm sorry, Janey. I'm awful sorry for you.
Well, good night. Come on, Cynthia.
Now, look. This settles it.
I'm gonna mortgage my house,
and I'm not taking no for an answer.

We're gonna incorporate
and we'll pay Malone.

- In the meantime, we'll fill in today's orders.
- How?