It Happened to Jane

Honey, you'd better go to bed now.
Mummy'll be up in a minute.

Well, I'll tell you.
Well, what's the matter?
- It's Mr. Malone, Janey.
- What about him?

He wants rent.
- Rent?
- For what?

For the tracks where old 97 is sitting.
Well, it's his tracks, all right.
Yeah, he says he wants a $1 a foot,
starting today.

That'll be $230 by tomorrow.
I'm sorry, Janey. I'm awful sorry for you.
Well, good night. Come on, Cynthia.
Now, look. This settles it.
I'm gonna mortgage my house,
and I'm not taking no for an answer.

We're gonna incorporate
and we'll pay Malone.

- In the meantime, we'll fill in today's orders.
- How?

I'll deliver the lobsters
in your station wagon.

George, you wouldn't get to High River
in that station wagon.

Air freight's too expensive,
truck freight is too slow.

Look, I've got it. A fund in the Mirror.
Like a Christmas fund
or a summer camp fund.

"Mothers Against Malone."
Every morning on the front page.

- We'll get your rent.
- You mean a charity kind of thing?

- No, not exactly.
- I will not accept charity.

- It'll make a great story.
- I'm sorry, I will not...

I'm going to New York
and have it out with Harry Foster Malone.

No offence, Denham,
but Malone would eat you alive.

Look, I know who is going to New York.
All those offers
to appear on television programs.

You'll carry your case to the people
and get paid for it.

- She is not going to New York.
- Will you wait a minute?

Maybe Malone has the power,
but you've got...

What do you think...
She's not gonna go to...