Journey to the Center of the Earth

There's Uncle now,

And high time,

I thought it was
Uncle Oliver.

Nothing I'm wearing
belongs to me.

Good evening,
Miss Jenny.

Good evening,
Alec McEwen.

I'm early.
I didn't know
you were coming.

Your uncle
ordered me to come.

Where is he?
He's never been late
like this.

To return to the subject
of my clothes,

they belong to the lad
of Glen Darrick.

"Don't go to dinner
dressed like that," he said.

I went
to take my bath.

When I returned,
my clothes were gone
and these substituted.

I have no claim to
the Glen Darrick tartan.

You've explained
your magnificence.

Kirsty, there will be
one more guest.

I’ll seat you between
the dean and the rector.

Couldn't I sit
next to you?

Certainly not.
I notice
a certain harshness

in your attitude
toward me.

What do you expect when it takes
a command to bring you here?

Miss Jenny, why should
I torture myself?

Two years more I have to study
for my master's degree,

then four more as
a laboratory assistant.

Then there's the money
I must repay my relatives.

You are very logical,
Mr. McEwen.

It's the logic
of an empty purse.

How like a Scotsman!
I am a Scotsman.
I know one who didn't even
have a purse.

His name was
Robert Burns.

Do you know
what he said?

Miss Jenny, the time
of poetry is over.

If this is true,
Alec McEwen,

what are you doing with
your hand on my knee?

Miss Jenny...