Journey to the Center of the Earth

I’ll seat you between
the dean and the rector.

Couldn't I sit
next to you?

Certainly not.
I notice
a certain harshness

in your attitude
toward me.

What do you expect when it takes
a command to bring you here?

Miss Jenny, why should
I torture myself?

Two years more I have to study
for my master's degree,

then four more as
a laboratory assistant.

Then there's the money
I must repay my relatives.

You are very logical,
Mr. McEwen.

It's the logic
of an empty purse.

How like a Scotsman!
I am a Scotsman.
I know one who didn't even
have a purse.

His name was
Robert Burns.

Do you know
what he said?

Miss Jenny, the time
of poetry is over.

If this is true,
Alec McEwen,

what are you doing with
your hand on my knee?

Miss Jenny...
Just wait in there.
Kirsty, I'll set
the extra place.

Is there something
you want?

A key is stuck.
But that's impossible.
It was just tuned
last month.

Which one?
This one.
Can't you see?

No, I can't.
You can see
I'm unhappy.

You know
how I've felt

ever since that first day
I saw you.

You looked
like spring.