Journey to the Center of the Earth

It's just about
the limit now.

I gave no permission
for visitors!

Oh, it's you, McEwen.
Uncle Oliver,
your guests are waiting.

If you don't come,
the goose will spoil...

Oh, goose,
goose, goose.

Tell him, Alec.
This lava
is 1 in 10 million.

I've been at it
all day.

No pause
for lunch or tea.

You've had three semesters
of petrology.

From which volcano could
this lava have emerged?

Mt. Etna?
Very close.
The Mediterranean.

The Lipari Islands
near Italy.

But their lava
is light.

That's what
stumped me

because inside
must be something

the weight of the heaviest rock
in existence.

That would be
Icelandic peridotite.

There's a piece
chipped off.

By me.
the rock inside?

Icelandic peridotite,

When I saw this,
I stopped chipping.

There's some marks
on the surface.

It looks like a letter
or notches.

Three notches made
by the hand of man.

But how could
a rock from Iceland

possibly pop out of
a volcano across the world?

What's your conclusion?
Science does not
jump to conclusions.

Science is not
a guessing game.

We'll melt off
the crust of lava.

Mr. Paisley.
Add 10 cc of aqua regia.
Not too fast now.
I shall write to Professor
Goetaborg of Stockholm on this.

He's the world's leading
authority on volcanoes.

How long
will this take?

A typically
female question.

Melting lava takes
maybe two hours,

maybe four hours.
Two hours?
Four hours?

the whole night.

Who cares?