Journey to the Center of the Earth

It looks like a letter
or notches.

Three notches made
by the hand of man.

But how could
a rock from Iceland

possibly pop out of
a volcano across the world?

What's your conclusion?
Science does not
jump to conclusions.

Science is not
a guessing game.

We'll melt off
the crust of lava.

Mr. Paisley.
Add 10 cc of aqua regia.
Not too fast now.
I shall write to Professor
Goetaborg of Stockholm on this.

He's the world's leading
authority on volcanoes.

How long
will this take?

A typically
female question.

Melting lava takes
maybe two hours,

maybe four hours.
Two hours?
Four hours?

the whole night.

Who cares?
Are you all right?
That was entirely
my fault.

I don't know how it
could have happened.

Mr. Paisley, by your slip
you've rendered

an inestimable service
to science.

See this?
What would
you call it?

As you said,
it's a manmade object.

It looks like a top,
a surveyor's instrument,
a plumb bob.

It is
a plumb bob.

There are letters
on it.

It's an inscription,
a message, perhaps.

Can you make out
what it says, Professor?

It's in some
Nordic tongue.

The hand that
wrote this trembled.

Perhaps it was
a dying hand.