Journey to the Center of the Earth

I would like
Madam Goetaborg to stay.

This will be difficult
for you, madam.

Who was the last person
to see him alive?

His luncheon guest.
Count Saknussemm.
Count Saknussemm?
I didn't realize
the Saknussemm family
still existed.

They are the land's
oldest family.

A descendant of
Arne Saknussemm.

And a scientist, too,
in his own right.
He lunched
with Goetaborg?

They saw each other
every day.

They worked together
in his room

with all those charts
and instruments.

I suggest you request
an autopsy immediately.

Is there
something suspicious

my husband's death?

Your husband
came to Iceland

for the same reasons
that brought me.

Neither of us
could possibly suspect

a third party would stop
at nothing to forestall us.

He was killed?
This is now
a police matter.

Send for them.
To your room first,

Uh... just one second,
if you please.

Thank you.
I'm deeply distressed by
your husband's death.

I fully understand
your feelings.

However, I must ask you
one question.

How do you plan to dispose
of your husband's equipment?

What does it matter?
I’ll take it
off your hands.

We can
discuss it later.

Time is
running out.

My expedition must start
within 24 hours.

Your expedition?
I only know of
the Goetaborg Expedition.

Husbands don't always
tell wives everything.

I don't wish to blacken
your husband's memory.

However, I demand
that equipment.