Les Liaisons dangereuses

- Court gets on my nerves.
- Does he?

You men are all so self-assured!
We pick you up...
conquer you...
but you see yourselves as the conquerors.
To make a statement,
we have to be the first to break up.

Anyway, Court really does annoy me.
Because you're no longer in control.
Who knows me better than you?
Not in the mood?
I live by my principles.
I won't cheat on my current lover,
even with you.

Well, you'll be free tonight.
How proud he must be!
He came, he saw, he conquered.

First, a high official's wife
introduces him to French love...

Finally, he conquers an innocent girl...
with a couple of million dollars...
Enough to make her a perfect wife.
Wait! That's the soft spot!

Instead of marrying virtue,
he shall marry vice!

She's different from you.
But young enough to be molded.
The way you molded me.
Which of us molded the other?
Here's my plan.
The Volanges vacation in Megeve.
You'll go, too.
- I'm going to Switzerland.
- Snow is the same everywhere.

Do me this little favor.
Use your charm to seduce Cecile.
But she's my cousin.
And I'm your wife.
I'm making you a nice gift.

She's 17, a little awkward, but promising.