Les Quatre cents coups

So there you are!
Extra homework made you sick, eh?
Your folks fell for it?
I'd like to see
what kind of excuse you have

- Let's have it.
- I don't have one

You expect to get away
with it like that?

It'd be too easy!
Sir, it's my mother
What about her?
She's just died
I'm sorry... I didn't know...
Was she ill?
Yes, sir
You could've told me.
You should confide in your teachers

Go join the others
And your excuse?
Never mind!
- 'Tis best a thorn in the wood...
- ...than in the ass!

If you'd wash your ears
you'd hear your prompter!

Up your'ear!
He's just trying to confuse me
- Enough! Continue...
- I'm all mixed up

Than in the flowers...
...the flowers.
'Tis best independence...

And incessant peril...
Than slavery...
In eternal April.
You're an eternal loafer! Sit down!

I knew it at home!
- Doinel!
- Yes, sir!