North by Northwest

Bigelow at 10:30 is your first for tomorrow.
The Skin Glow rehearsal's at noon.

Then lunch with Falcon and his wife.
-Where was that?
-Larry and Arnold's, 1 :00.

-Will you check in later?
-Absolutely not.

Here, Driver. Take this lady
back where she belongs.

-That ought to cover it.

-Don't forget, call my mother right away.
-I won't.

-Good night, Mr. Thornhill.
-Good night.

Wait, Maggie! You can't call her.
She's at Mrs.--

Good evening, Mr. Thornhill.
I'm looking for Mr. Weltner
and two other gentlemen.

Yes, sir. Right this way.
-Hello, Roger.
-I'm a little late.

Roger Thornhill. Fanning Nelson.
-We've gotten a head start here.
-That won't last long.

I was saying that you may be slow
in starting, but there's nobody faster.

What's the matter? You've got the fidgets.
I told my secretary to call Mother and
I realized she won't be able to reach her.

Why not?
She's playing bridge at one of her cronies'.
-Your secretary?
-No. My mother.

Mr. Kaplan?
It's one of those new apartments,
wet paint and no telephone yet.

Perhaps if I send her a telegram.
Mr. George Kaplan?
I have to send a wire.
Could you send it for me
if I write it out for you?

I'm not permitted to do that, sir,
but if you'll follow me....

-Will you excuse me?
-Go right ahead.

-Right through there, sir.

Thank you, sir.