Plan 9 from Outer Space

For a time we tried to contact them by radio, but no response.
Then they attacked a town. A small town, I'll admit.
But nevertheless a town of people.

People who died.
-I never heard about that Sir.

Well, it was covered up by the higher echelon. Take any fire,
any earthquake, any major disaster,
then wonder.
Flying saucers, Captain,

are still a rumour.
Looks like we beat them off again Sir.
What do they want...where are they from...where are they going...
They, Sir ? Who ?
Oh, this is a training manoeuver, Sir.
We only did a little practice firing at the clouds.

Yeah. I wonder what their next move will be.
What will their next move be ?
Your space commander has returned from Earth.
Send him in.
You have your report ?
We had to pull in here to
Space Station 7 for regeneration.

We're returning to the planet Earth
immediately thereafter.

-What progress has been made ?
-We contacted government officials.

They refuse over existence.
What plan will you follow now ?
Plan 9. It's been absolutely impossible to work through these Earth creatures.
Their soul is too controlled.
Plan 9...ah yes. Plan 9 deals
with the resurrection of the dead.
Long-distance electrodes shot into the pinion
pituitary glands of recent dead.