Pork Chop Hill

We want peace.
We too are young.

We too had to leave our homes
Show your stubborn generals
haggling at Panmunjom

that you wil no longer fiight
for a line on a map.

Show them that you want peace...
just as we want peace.

Lay down your arms
and we'l be glad to lay down ours.
Lieutenant Clemons, sir?
Lieutenant Clemons?

Oh, Forstman. L've been expecting you.
- Did you check with Battalion, sir?
- Yes, i did.

- Did you tell them about my 36 points?
- They say you're one short.

Sir, Battalion's got a million guys
to worry about. I got only me.

Who's the most apt to make a mistake?
I ask you.

(phone rings)
This is King Company.
Hey, get off there!
According to my figures, and
Fedderson checked it... Right, Chuck?

- Wel, come on. Tel him.
- Besides, sir, he's got a new car.

Is it paid for?
No, sir. My kid brother's a boy scout. He
sent me a raffle ticket, i sent him a buck.

- He won a Cadillac convertible.
- (phone rings)

Yes, sir?
I mean, yes, sir!
Sir, it's the colonel.
He's coming to the phone.

Maybe that's the armistice. Maybe those
jokers at Panmunjom wrapped it up.

- Battalion's found your 36th point.
- Not Battalion. Regiment.