Pork Chop Hill

- Did you check with Battalion, sir?
- Yes, i did.

- Did you tell them about my 36 points?
- They say you're one short.

Sir, Battalion's got a million guys
to worry about. I got only me.

Who's the most apt to make a mistake?
I ask you.

(phone rings)
This is King Company.
Hey, get off there!
According to my figures, and
Fedderson checked it... Right, Chuck?

- Wel, come on. Tel him.
- Besides, sir, he's got a new car.

Is it paid for?
No, sir. My kid brother's a boy scout. He
sent me a raffle ticket, i sent him a buck.

- He won a Cadillac convertible.
- (phone rings)

Yes, sir?
I mean, yes, sir!
Sir, it's the colonel.
He's coming to the phone.

Maybe that's the armistice. Maybe those
jokers at Panmunjom wrapped it up.

- Battalion's found your 36th point.
- Not Battalion. Regiment.

- It's Colonel Kern, direct.
- Colonel Kern, direct?

- That's gotta be it, the old peaceola!
- Lieutenant Clemons, sir.

Lieutenant, prepare to counterattack
Pork Chop if necessary. You got that?

- You understand this is only an alert?
- I understand, sir.

Yes, sir, my men are all here, except my
weapons platoon, detached to Battalion.

Yes, sir, i understand.
It's not definite.

Very good, sir.
We need two new squad leaders.
Take care of it, will you?

Is it good news, sir?
If it ain't good news, sir,
I can give you the exact hour, the minute,
the second, i got here to Korea.

You gotta count me out on this one, sir.
Forstman, i could tell you stories
that'd bring bitter tears to your eyes.