Return of the Fly

But he does try our patience when
it comes to medical examinations.

I think it's time our young guest
and I became acquainted.

We're not interrupting, are we?
Not at all, Mr. Bartok.
What a handsome young man you are.
Do you know who I am?

Yes, you're one of the people
who lives behind the mirror.

Well, my name is Mr. Bartok.
I'd like you to think
of me as your dad.

...what's that behind your ear?
You know, it's knowing the right
magic word that makes it happen.

It's a real magic word, a secret word
that you keep locked away...

...inside your heart
and you never tell anybody.

No, you don't tell anybody,
and that's what makes the magic work.

Martin, are you listening to me?
Dr. Shepard...
...I don't mean to be rude
by not facing you.

But those tests are far too simple to
demand my full attention.

Besides, I'm almost finished.
So am I, Martin.
I just have to time you on this maze,
and we can both do something we enjoy.