Return of the Fly

From God's mouth to your ears,
that is the chain of command.

Is that understood?
Here we have
an average 11-month-old child.

And here we have our
11-month-old child.

As you can see, his life cycle is
dramatically accelerated.

Now, these are aberrant chromosomes.
Obviously a product
of genetic mutation.

These are all dormant, something
in addition to accelerated growth.

And his non-genetic characteristics?
His learning abilities, for example.

He's got a photographic memory.
He doesn't just learn,
he consumes information.

And he never sleeps.
Is that so?
Do you like him?
Well, as a clinical subject,
I find him astonishing.

But he does try our patience when
it comes to medical examinations.

I think it's time our young guest
and I became acquainted.

We're not interrupting, are we?
Not at all, Mr. Bartok.
What a handsome young man you are.
Do you know who I am?

Yes, you're one of the people
who lives behind the mirror.

Well, my name is Mr. Bartok.
I'd like you to think
of me as your dad.

...what's that behind your ear?
You know, it's knowing the right
magic word that makes it happen.