Rio Bravo

We going to go after them?
I told Nathan Burdette what'd happen
if he came after his brother.

You ought to remember that.
You thought it was funny.
What do you think he'd do
if we went after Dude?

I didn't think.
Think the shoe's on the other foot now.
The men who took Dude,
they were very angry.

They say Dude set a trap for them.
He sent them over there, all right.
He knew what he was doing.
Knew what Stumpy would do, too.

That's why they're not happy about it.
What're you going to do?
It's what Burdette will do.
Carlos. Get a hold of Burdette.
I don't care how.
Tell him I want to talk to him.

Tell him to set the time and the place.
But I want to talk to him.

We'll be at the jail.
Aren't you sorry now
you didn't get on the stage?

Come on, Colorado.
Let's wake up the Chinaman again.
It's me, Carlos.
What's the matter? What'd he say?
He say he don't want to talk to you.
He say if you want Dude back,
he'll make a trade.

A trade?
Dude for Joe.
He'll be in his place over by the creek.
He'll be there half an hour after sunup.
He'll have Dude.
If you'll bring Joe, he'll be waiting.

He said to let him know.