Rio Bravo

Tell him we'll be there.
You're crazy! You can't do that!
Not even if Dude was your own brother.
What can I do?
What we figured on doing.
Hole up till the marshal comes.

When the marshal takes Joe,
what'll happen to Dude?

Dude knew what he was in for
when he sent you over here.

I'd like to add my two cents worth, Sheriff.
Go ahead.
From what I hear,
you and Dude are the only witnesses.

Let's say that we're the only ones
that'll talk.

After Nathan gets Joe back,
he's still got to live here.

Which means you two can't, and
if you don't have Joe, what'll stop him?

The brakes'll be off then.
That ought to be as plain
as the nose on your face.

You're right, Colorado.
But you and Stumpy didn't see the killing.
I don't think he'll bother you two.
-I'm not worried.
-Me neither.

You'll just wait for the marshal to come.
-He's still going to want you and Dude.
-I'd say so.

You can't get out of town
because he's got it bottled up.

When you make the trade
then Burdette's going to get both of you.

After a little argument.
-But why at all? Why the both of you?
-Dude ought to have a chance.

He won't get one the other way. Will he?
Will he?
You're going to have me crying.
Fellow's got to be a drunk to get anywhere
around here. I might as well start now.

Go ahead, Carlos.
Burdette's here.
About time to go.
How about I go ahead,
see if they'll play any tricks?

Look out here.
We're drawing quite a crowd.
There won't be any tricks.
At least not till we make the trade.

Besides, you're not going.
When you decided to make the trade
for Dude, I went along with you.