Some Like It Hot

Yes, Sue?
l thought l made it clear
that l don't want any drinking in this outfit.

All right, girls. Who does this belong to?
Come on, now. Speak up.
- Sugar, l warned you...
- Please, Mr Bienstock.

I've had it. ln Kansas you smuggled
liquor in a shampoo bottle.

Before that you had
a pint in your ukelele...

Mr Bienstock, could l have my flask?
Sure. Pack your things.
At the next station... Your flask?

Yes. Just a little bourbon.
Must have slipped through.

Give me that.
Didn't you girls say
you went to a conservatory?

- Oh, yes. For a whole year.
- l thought you said three years.

We got time off for good behaviour.
There are two things l will not put up with
during working hours: liquor and men.

- Men?
- Don't worry about that.

We wouldn't be caught dead with men.
Rough, hairy beasts with eight hands.
And they all just want
one thing from a girl.

l beg your pardon, miss.
All right, girls. From the top again.