Some Like It Hot

You're gonna meet
a millionaire - a young one.

- What makes you so sure?
- My feminine intuition.

Oh. Are these your bags?
- And that one, too.
- OK, doll.

- l suppose you want a tip.
- Forget it, doll.

After all, you work here and l work here.
It's nice to have you with the organisation.

- Bye-bye.
- Listen, doll.

- What time do you get off tonight?
- Why?

I'm workin' the night shift and
l got a bottle of gin stashed away.

- When there's a lull...
- Aren't you a little young for that, sonny?

Oh, you wanna see my driver's licence?
- Get lost, will you?
- That's the way l like 'em - big and sassy.

Oh, and... get rid of your roommate.
- Dirty old man.
- What happened?

- l got pinched in the elevator.
- See how the other half lives?

I'm not even pretty.
They don't care. You're wearing a skirt.
It's like waving a red flag to a bull.

I'm sick of being the flag.
l wanna be a bull again.

- Let's blow.
- Blow where?

You promised me that the minute
we hit Florida we'd beat it.

- How can we? We're broke.
- We can find another band. A male band.

Spats Colombo is looking for us
in every male band in the country.

- It's humiliating.
- So you got pinched. So what?

Would you rather be
picking lead out of your navel?

But how long can we keep this up?
What's the beef? We're sittin' pretty.
Look. We get room and board.
We're getting paid every week. Look.

Look at the palm trees, flying fish...
What are you givin' me with flyin' fish?
l know why you wanna stay.
You're after Sugar.

- Me, after Sugar?
- l saw the both of you in that bus.