Sudba cheloveka

I was afraid you might have hit me.
Your arm wasn't reaIIy broken.
MereIy out ofjoint.

I've put it back in the socket.
- Does it feeI better now?
- Easy. Thanks, doctor.

You see...
Any wounded here?
Comrades, is there anyone wounded?
- Are you wounded? In your beIIy?
- No, but I've got to go out.

What's wrong with him?
Is he crazy?

I've got to go out.
They won't Iet anybody out.
What am I going to do? This is
a sacred pIace, and I'm a Christian.

Try it through the dome.
Pray to the angeIs. They'II carry
you out on their wings.

I can't profane this sacred pIace!
I can't do it!
I'm a Christian!
- Just for a coupIe of minutes!
- Stop him!