Charlotte et son Jules

You're an idiot. You never listen
I know why you're back.
You've come to say you're sorry.

It's too late. Whatever it is,
you´d better not say it.

It's incredible
Sure, you're the prettiest girl in Paris.
So what, big deal!

With a guy like that you could
see it coming. Idiot!

Honestly, you exaggerate
I know what you're going to say,
but it's rot, complete rot

So, it didn't work out
It didn't work out
because it couldn't work out

It couldn't work out because it
shouldn't have. Impossible. Possible...

You should know that "impossible"
is a French word

I too could throw myself
at just anyone. Easy

I'm not blaming you for being in love
but for thinking he was too

You can believe in love,
but not in theories about it

Girls are incredible. Honestly
They say love's like a waltz. Three
little twirls, yes, yes, yes! Well, no!

That's why I said nothing
I knew you'd be back in a week,
your tail between your legs

So what the hell are you doing here?
Look at you now

You'll tell me you couldn't have known.
But you could, idiot

A creep like that!
I knew he'd drop you
I could see it coming.
You're such a fool

It's amazing how girls
have no common sense

I don't deny
you've a very nice little body

But you're still a nasty little bitch
I know you think he'll use you in his
next film because you sleep with him

No chance.
I know him. He's scum

Listen to me!
If you at least made love properly, put
your knee here, hand there, pushed a bit

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn´t
witnessed it. It can get on your nerves