Charlotte et son Jules

They say love's like a waltz. Three
little twirls, yes, yes, yes! Well, no!

That's why I said nothing
I knew you'd be back in a week,
your tail between your legs

So what the hell are you doing here?
Look at you now

You'll tell me you couldn't have known.
But you could, idiot

A creep like that!
I knew he'd drop you
I could see it coming.
You're such a fool

It's amazing how girls
have no common sense

I don't deny
you've a very nice little body

But you're still a nasty little bitch
I know you think he'll use you in his
next film because you sleep with him

No chance.
I know him. He's scum

Listen to me!
If you at least made love properly, put
your knee here, hand there, pushed a bit

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadnĀ“t
witnessed it. It can get on your nerves

I told you, he's not the type
to take it lightly

He doesn't give a damn about girls
What're you thinking about?
- What do you do together?
- Nothing. He messes me about

Let me finish. I warned you
not to make a fool of me

The same old story. Shit!
I don't blame you for running off with
a guy you've known for three minutes...

...when you've loved me for three years
But doing it so flippantly. Worse, with
obvious flippancy. There's a difference

Don't play the fool
Don't deny it. I told you it couldn't
work. I knew you'd be back

Seriously, you can't do without me
I told you a thousand times
you never will

I know you're thinking I can't
live without you either. I agree

That's exactly why
I knew you'd be back

Don't deny it
Because I love you, Charlotte,
you're forced to love me.

If I didn't love you, OK. But since I do,
you must love me too. It's obvious