Charlotte et son Jules

I told you, he's not the type
to take it lightly

He doesn't give a damn about girls
What're you thinking about?
- What do you do together?
- Nothing. He messes me about

Let me finish. I warned you
not to make a fool of me

The same old story. Shit!
I don't blame you for running off with
a guy you've known for three minutes...

...when you've loved me for three years
But doing it so flippantly. Worse, with
obvious flippancy. There's a difference

Don't play the fool
Don't deny it. I told you it couldn't
work. I knew you'd be back

Seriously, you can't do without me
I told you a thousand times
you never will

I know you're thinking I can't
live without you either. I agree

That's exactly why
I knew you'd be back

Don't deny it
Because I love you, Charlotte,
you're forced to love me.

If I didn't love you, OK. But since I do,
you must love me too. It's obvious

Don't say no.
You're tiresome. It's too much

It was a barmy thing to do, my girl
You don't have to be a genius, but you
could use your brain now and again

That's right, you little fool
You're set on being in films? You'll
have to sleep with thousands more guys

Anyway, why films?
It's cheap...
Cheap and corny
What is a film anyway? A big head
pulling faces in a little hall

You must be crazy to go for that!
I know what I'm talking about.
The cinema is an illusory art

Novels, painting, OK!
But not the cinema.
Everyone will tell you you're crazy

But you never listen. So: you're the
only girl in Paris anyone can have...

...for free!
I know what you're going to say...
that you love it