Le Trou

A woman who hates me.
She told the judge
Nicole was upstairs with her.

You say attempted first degree murder.
Why first degree?

There were 3 shotguns in the
gun-rack, only 1 was loaded.

What were you arguing about?
Money. In principal, anyway.
- Does Nicole screw well?
- What?

See, he screws.
Geo, that's enough!
Were they regular lead
or buckshot?

- Regular.
- Less fatal. Pity.

- What happened to your wife?
- Nothing serious.

Her left shoulder was hit.
She's just having a bit
of a hard time right now.

And she accuses you of wanting
to kill her. That's harsh!

What can you do?
You loaded the gun?
Is your wife rich?
Rich enough.
What's your official income?
That's all that counts in court.

I sold automobiles.
In other words, you lived
off your wife's money.

I guess.
You'll get
20 years hard labor.

- You think so?
- At least.

Are you sure?
Your case stinks. You wound
your wife who supports you.

You sleep with her sister.
You sell used cars.

The judges can't
stand that.

20 years labor
is a long time.

What's the matter with you?
We wanted to know
what you're risking.

Because we risk a great deal
waiting here quietly for appeal.

We're going to escape.
- From here?
- From here.

You think we're crazy?
No, not at all.
Go on, Roland,
tell him all about it.