..we aren't.
this is what we eat, this
is what our dead eat.

Are you back, Macario?
Yes, I'm back.
Please give these flower to your
woman, for your offering.

thank you.
- Have a nice day.
- Have a nice day, Macario.

dad is coming!
What did you bring to us?
Later, later.
I brought nice things.
children, what are you doing?
dad, dad!
- Give me one, give me one.
- Easy, easy...

I brought lots of things
for everybody.

the baby first.
there you are.
Me, me.
- A little bird.
- It's so nice!

- Is it to eat?
- Not at all.

Look, it's so nice.
Our Father, who art in
heaven, we thank you...

...for our food today. May
we have it tomorrow.

In the name of
the Father...

...and of the Son, and of
the Holy Ghost. Amen.