North to Alaska

Have you ever been to Alaska?
Oh, no, too cold for my type.
I'm from New Orleans,
where it's always warm.

You're about the right size.
You have second sight, I see.
Try this on.
Don't you think...
there is too many distractions?
But if you wish.
I meant just try it for size.
Mr. McCord,
you're wasting your time.

I'm selling, not buying.
How would you
like this stuff free...

and half a gold mine
to go with it?

Just say the word.
What word?
Just a little old yes,
and it's yours.

You're fooling me.
I was never more serious
in my life.

I'm savin' a human being...
best pal a fellow ever had.
Nobody's ever given me...
anything as nice as this before.
A Frenchy broke George's heart...
a Frenchy can fix it.
I'll tell you a secret.
I'm shaking from head to foot...
because it finally happened.
Instead of jumping
into the bay...

I'm jumping into a gold mine...
and, mister, am I going to jump!
I mean, you really
want me to go...

to Alaska with you?
Just say the word.
Yes, yes, yes!
Come right this way,
Mr. Nordquist.

He's right in here.
Sam, come up for air!
Lars Nordquist, you old coot!
How are you?
I'm fine.
How are you?

Shame on you...
hangin' around a place like this.
Where else will I hang around...
when I'm looking for Sam McCord?
I heard you hit gold in Alaska.