Judgment at Nuremberg

Herr Rolfe will make the opening statement
for the defense.

May it please the tribunal...
it is not only a great honor...
but also a great challenge...
for an advocate...
to aid this tribunal in its task.
The entire civilized world...
will follow closely what we do here.
For this is not an ordinary trial...
by any means
of the accepted, parochial sense.

The avowed purpose of this tribunal...
Is broader than the visiting of retribution
on a few men.

It is dedicated to the reconsecration...
of the temple of justice.
It is dedicated to finding a code of justice...
the whole world will be responsible to.
How will this code be established?
It will be established...
in a clear...
honest evaluation...
of the responsibility for the crimes
in the indictment stated by the prosecution.

In the words of the great American jurist,
Oliver Wendell Holmes:

"This responsibility will not be found
only in documents...

"that no one contests or denies.
"It will be found in considerations
of a political or social nature.

"It will be found, most of all...
"in the character of men. "