Judgment at Nuremberg

of the temple of justice.
It is dedicated to finding a code of justice...
the whole world will be responsible to.
How will this code be established?
It will be established...
in a clear...
honest evaluation...
of the responsibility for the crimes
in the indictment stated by the prosecution.

In the words of the great American jurist,
Oliver Wendell Holmes:

"This responsibility will not be found
only in documents...

"that no one contests or denies.
"It will be found in considerations
of a political or social nature.

"It will be found, most of all...
"in the character of men. "
What is the character of Ernst Janning?
Let us examine his life for a moment.
He was born in 1885.
Received the degree
of Doctor of Law in 1907.

Became a judge in East Prussia in 1940.
Following WWI, he became one
of the leaders of the Weimar Republic...

and was one of the framers
of its democratic constitution.

In subsequent years
he achieved international fame...

not only for his work as a great jurist,
but also as the author of legal text books...

which are still used in universities
all over the world.

He became Minister of Justice
in Germany in 1935.

If Ernst Janning is to be found guilty...
certain implications must arise.
A judge does not make the laws.
He carries out the laws of his country.
The statement:
"My country, right or wrong... "