Judgment at Nuremberg

The Supreme Court of the Reich
was replaced by...

People's and Special Courts.
The concept of race
was made a legal concept for the first time.

And what was the result of this?
The result?
The result was
to hand over the administration of justice...

into the hands of the dictatorship.
Now, Dr. Wieck...
Col. Lawson, I would like
to ask a few questions.

Did the judiciary protest these laws
abridging their independence?

A few of them did.
Those who did resigned,
or were forced to resign.

Others adapted themselves
to the new situation.

Do you think the judiciary was aware
of the consequences to come?

At first, perhaps not.
Later it became clear to anyone
who had eyes and ears.

Thank you.
Now, would you please describe for us
the changes in criminal law?

It was characterized by...
an ever-increasing inflation
of the death penalty.

Sentences were passed
against defendants...

just because they were Poles, or Jews,
or politically undesirable.

Novel National Socialist measures
were introduced.

Among them...
sexual sterilization for those
who were categorized as asocial.

Did it become necessary for judges...
to wear any distinctive mark
on their robes in 1935?

The so-called Fuehrer's Decree...
required judges to wear the insignia
of the swastika on their robes.

- Did you wear such an insignia?
- No.

I would have been ashamed to wear it.
Did you resign in 1935?
Yes, sir.
Did Ernst Janning wear a swastika
on his robe?