Judgment at Nuremberg

All the victims.
More victims than the world has ever known.

- They will walk into this courtroom...
- Order!

This tribunal will admonish both counsel.
It will tolerate nothing of this kind again.

We're not here to listen to outbursts
of this kind, but to serve justice.

Your Honor, I made an objection.
The objection is overruled.
The witness is excused.
Did you ever read any books by Janning?
No, I don't think so.
- The Meaning of the Law.
- How is it? Interesting?

All the books by Janning are interesting.
They're more than that.

They're a picture of an era,
its hopes, its aspirations.

They weren't very different from ours, really.
Listen to this, on the signing
of the Weimar constitution:

"Now we can look forward to a Germany
without guns and bloodshed...

"a Germany of justice,
where men can live instead of die...

"a Germany of purpose,
of freedom, of humanity...

"a Germany that calls for the best in man. "
Now, how could a man
who wrote words like these...

be part of sterilizations and murders?
How could he be?

There are a lot of things that happened here
that nobody understands.

I know.
But the prosecution will have to prove...
every inch of its allegation...
against a man like Janning
if I'm to pronounce sentence on him.

Gentlemen, I'm on my way. Coming, Ken?
There's just this business
on the curtailment of rights.

Dan, my wife is planning a little get-together
tomorrow night at the Grand Hotel.

She wants you to come.