Judgment at Nuremberg

You'll get a great deal of pleasure out of it
in summer.

I'll sit in front, thank you.
- Good night.
- Good night.

- Karolinenstrasse 115, please.
- Yes, madam.

Sit down.
You worked for Mrs. Bertholt, didn't you?
Yes, Your Honor.
How long did she live here?
Madame Bertholt?
Madame Bertholt and her family have lived
here for many generations, Your Honor.

Thank you.
Your Honor, you came in here
for something?

I was just going to make myself a sandwich.
- We will make it for you.
- No.

- We will make anything you want.
- No. It's nothing.

I always used to do it for myself back home.
What would you like? I have some ham
and cheese and liverwurst.

Cheese will be fine.
That's very kind of you.
What was it like,
living under National Socialism?

What was it like?
Yes. I mean, day to day?
You know, I know many people at home
like you.

You're good people. I believe that.
What was it like for you, living under Hitler?
We were not political.
Mr. Halbestadt and I are not political.

No, but...
you must have been aware of some
of the events that were going on.