Judgment at Nuremberg

I didn't know she was coming.
This is my responsibility, Mrs. Halbestadt.
I've been storing some of my things here...
until I could get a room large enough
to keep them in.

I hope you don't mind.
No. Not at all.
You can examine what I have here,
if you like.

Of course not.
Then I'll just take these out.
- Here.
- Thanks, Mrs. Halbestadt.

- Let me help you.
- No. I can manage all right.

I'll take these outside. Please.
Good night.
It's heavy. It's full of books and pictures...
things that mean nothing to anyone but me.
- Mr. Schmidt?
- Your Honor.

Would you drive
Mrs. Bertholt home, please?

Yes, Your Honor.
- I hope you're comfortable here.
- Yes, I am. Very.

My favorite spot was always the garden.
Remind Mr. Halbestadt
to take good care of the rock garden.

You'll get a great deal of pleasure out of it
in summer.

I'll sit in front, thank you.
- Good night.
- Good night.

- Karolinenstrasse 115, please.
- Yes, madam.

Sit down.
You worked for Mrs. Bertholt, didn't you?
Yes, Your Honor.
How long did she live here?
Madame Bertholt?
Madame Bertholt and her family have lived
here for many generations, Your Honor.

Thank you.
Your Honor, you came in here
for something?

I was just going to make myself a sandwich.