Judgment at Nuremberg

We lost a son in the army...
and our daughter in the bombing.
During the war we almost starved.
It was terrible for us.
I'm sure it was.
Hitler did some good things.
I won't say he didn't do some good things.
He built the Autobahn.
He gave more people work.
We won't say
he didn't do some good things.

But the other things...
the things they say he did to the Jews
and the rest...

we knew nothing about that.
Very few Germans did.
And if we did know...
what could we do?
But Mrs. Halbestadt said you didn't know.
Mrs. Bertholt. How did she react to all this?
Madame Bertholt is a very fine woman,
Your Honor.

I'm sure she is. What about her husband?
He was in the army.
What happened to him?
He was one of the defendants
in the Malmedy Case.

General Bertholt. Karl Bertholt.
He was executed, Your Honor.
Yes, I know that.
The document then states that
the photographer, Rudolf Lenz...

is requested to present himself
within two weeks...

at one the hospitals mentioned below...
for medical treatment.
Next, prosecution presents
affidavit document no. 488...