Judgment at Nuremberg

Mrs. Bertholt. How did she react to all this?
Madame Bertholt is a very fine woman,
Your Honor.

I'm sure she is. What about her husband?
He was in the army.
What happened to him?
He was one of the defendants
in the Malmedy Case.

General Bertholt. Karl Bertholt.
He was executed, Your Honor.
Yes, I know that.
The document then states that
the photographer, Rudolf Lenz...

is requested to present himself
within two weeks...

at one the hospitals mentioned below...
for medical treatment.
Next, prosecution presents
affidavit document no. 488...

which concerns the seamstress,
Anni Meunch.

Document reads as follows:
"District Court, Frankfurt am Main,
has decided the following:

"The seamstress, Anni Meunch,
daughter of Wilhelm Meunch...

"is to be sterilized.
"She is therefore requested
to present herself within two weeks...

"at one of the hospitals mentioned below.
"If she does not take herself voluntarily...
"she will be taken by force. "
Next, document no. 449...
interrogatories in the German
and English text...

concerning the farmer's helper,
Meyer Eichinger.

Your Honor...
defense objects to introduction
of these repetitive documents.

According to the ruling
of the first tribunal...

such documents are not even admissible...
unless supported by independent evidence
of their authenticity.

Objection sustained.
Your Honor,
may I ask the defense a question?

Would evidence on sterilization
be admissible if there were a witness?