Judgment at Nuremberg

Will you please tell the court your full name
and place of residence?

Rudolph Petersen.
Frankfurt am Main, Gratweg Nummer 7.

When were you born, Mr. Petersen?
May 20, 1914.
And what is your occupation?
I'm a baker's helper.
Are your parents living?
What were the causes of their deaths?
Mr. Petersen, did they die of natural causes?
Yeah, natural.
What political party
did your father belong to?

The Communist Party.
Now think back.
Do you remember anything unusual...
that happened to you and your family
in 1933...

before the Nazis came to power?
I mean, anything of a violent nature.
How old were you at the time?
Would you please tell the court
what happened?

Some SA men broke into our house...
and they broke the windows and the door...
and they called us traitors...
and they tried to beat up my father.
What happened then?
My brothers and I, we went to help him.
And there was a fight...
and finally we got them outside
in the street...