Judgment at Nuremberg

Now think back.
Do you remember anything unusual...
that happened to you and your family
in 1933...

before the Nazis came to power?
I mean, anything of a violent nature.
How old were you at the time?
Would you please tell the court
what happened?

Some SA men broke into our house...
and they broke the windows and the door...
and they called us traitors...
and they tried to beat up my father.
What happened then?
My brothers and I, we went to help him.
And there was a fight...
and finally we got them outside
in the street...

and we beat them up...
and turned them over to the police.
Did the police do anything about it?
- No.
- Why not?

It was then...
at the time of the national elections.
You mean the time the National Socialists
came to power?

What happened after 1933...
after the Nazis came to power?
I got a job on a farm...
but for the work,
to drive a truck was necessary.

I went to the city building
to apply for a license.

And what happened there?
They took me to an official.
Did you ever have any dealings
with this official before?

He was one of the men...
who broke into our house that night.