Judgment at Nuremberg

You elect judges in the United States?
- Yes, in some states.
- I didn't know that.

It's either one of the virtues
or one of the defects of our judicial system.

I thought it was one of the virtues
until last year, when I was defeated.

I'm sure it was the fault
of the electorate, not yours.

Seems to be some difference of opinion
about that.

This is where I live.
- Here?
- Yes. It's not so bad inside.

Would you like to come up?
I could make some coffee.

Yes, thank you.
Things haven't been very easy for you,
have they?

I'm not used to them being easy.
I'm not fragile, Judge Haywood.
I'm a daughter of the military.
You know what that means, don't you?

No, I'm afraid I don't.
It means I was taught discipline.
A very special kind of discipline.
For instance, when I was a child...
we used to go for long rides
into the country in summertime.

But I was never allowed to run
to the lemonade stand with the others.

I was told, "Control your thirst.
"Control hunger.
"Control emotion. "
It has served me well.
And your husband?
Was he of that heritage, too?
My husband was a soldier.
He was brought up to do one thing:
To fight in the battle, and fight well.

- Is the coffee all right?
- Fine, thank you.

It's ersatz, but I always try to make it strong.
It's fine.
I'm curious.