Judgment at Nuremberg

No, I'm afraid I don't.
It means I was taught discipline.
A very special kind of discipline.
For instance, when I was a child...
we used to go for long rides
into the country in summertime.

But I was never allowed to run
to the lemonade stand with the others.

I was told, "Control your thirst.
"Control hunger.
"Control emotion. "
It has served me well.
And your husband?
Was he of that heritage, too?
My husband was a soldier.
He was brought up to do one thing:
To fight in the battle, and fight well.

- Is the coffee all right?
- Fine, thank you.

It's ersatz, but I always try to make it strong.
It's fine.
I'm curious.
What do you think of Ernst Janning?
I really am not at liberty to discuss the case
outside of the courtroom.

Yes, of course.
I knew Ernst Janning a little.
We used to attend the same concerts.
I remember there was a reception given
for Wagner's daughter-in-law.

Hitler was there.
Ernst Janning was there with his wife.
She was very beautiful...
very small, very delicate.
She's dead now.
Hitler was quite taken with her.
He made advances towards her
during the reception.

He used to do things like that
in a burst of emotion.

I will never forget
the way Ernst Janning cut him down.

I don't think anybody ever did it
to him quite that way.

He said, "Chancellor...
"I do not object so much
that you are so ill-mannered.