Judgment at Nuremberg

We found Irene Hoffman.
- Where?
- Berlin.

Berlin, eh?
She got married. Her name is Wallner now.
That's why we had difficulty locating her.

- When is she coming?
- She's not coming.

What do you mean, she's not coming?
She doesn't want to come.
You know what it's like.
None of them want to testify anymore.

If I catch the midnight...
I could make it to Berlin,
and be back by tomorrow afternoon.

- Tad, you haven't had any sleep...
- It'll be worth it if I can get Hoffman.

Take over for me in court
in the morning, will you?

Colonel, please!
I told you before, when you first came in.
I say it again now.

We are through with all this.
She does not have to go,
you have no right to order her to go.

Mr. Wallner, I'm not ordering her to go.
I have no authority to order her to go.
Do you think we get a medal
for appearing at these trials?

The people do not like them.
They do not believe that Germans
should testify against other Germans.

I haven't been prosecuting these cases
for the past two years without knowing that.