Judgment at Nuremberg

Colonel, please!
I told you before, when you first came in.
I say it again now.

We are through with all this.
She does not have to go,
you have no right to order her to go.

Mr. Wallner, I'm not ordering her to go.
I have no authority to order her to go.
Do you think we get a medal
for appearing at these trials?

The people do not like them.
They do not believe that Germans
should testify against other Germans.

I haven't been prosecuting these cases
for the past two years without knowing that.

It is easy for you to say go.
After the trial you will go back to America,
but we must stay and live with these people.

Don't you think I realize what I'm asking?
Then how can you come in like the Gestapo,
in the middle of the night...

Because they must not be allowed
to get away with what they did.

You really think they won't get away with it
in the end?

I say the hell with them,
and the hell with you.

Emil Hahn will be there?
Yes. In the dock.
Ernst Janning?