Judgment at Nuremberg

defense objects
to the introduction of the Feldenstein case.

It is a notorious case,
perhaps the most notorious of the period.

It has overtones, and appeals to emotion...
that would perhaps be best not raised.
There are no issues or overtones
that may not be raised in this courtroom.

The tribunal is interested in everything
that is relevant.

Objection is overruled.
It's all right. I'll take it.
May it please the tribunal?
- You may continue.
- Thank you.

What was the Feldenstein case?
The case of a man
accused of racial pollution.

Will you explain what is meant
by "racial pollution"?

This is the charge
that is referred to in the Nuremberg Laws.

It says that any non-Aryan
having sexual relations with an Aryan...

may be punished by death.
When did you first become acquainted
with the Feldenstein case?

In September 1935,
I was contacted by the police.

They said that Mr. Feldenstein
was being held...

and that he requested
that I serve as his counselor.

What position did he hold
in the community?

He was a very well-known merchant.
He was one of the heads
of the Jewish congregation in Nuremberg.

What was the nature of the charge
against him?

He was accused
of having intimate relations...

with a 16-year-old girl, Irene Hoffman.
I see.
And what did he say to you about the case?
He said it was false.
He said he knew the girl and her family
a long time.